• Existential analyst (Psychotherapist, GLE-International Diploma), member of the Board of Trainers of the Association of Existential-Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy (GLE-Russia).

  • Doctor of psychology, Associate Professor of Personality Psychology Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

  • Head of the Center for Applied Psychology of Education at the Academy of Social Management.

  • Director of the International Institute for Existential Counselling and Training (Moscow).

  • Lecturer of educational programs in Moscow, Riga and London.

  • Author of scientific publications on practical psychology and psychotherapy.



  1. The Phenomenon of Greed (Unwillingness to Share) in Five to Seven-Year-Old Children​                                                  Parents and elementary school teachers have noticed that children reaching the age of five to six show a new attitude towards their peers. Compliance and indifference of four-year-old children change into aggression, touchiness, envy and greed. Most children outlive this acute conflict period without any consequences and by the age of seven their negative feelings give way to rather sociable ones: Not only do most children learn how to feel empathy but even how to share their peers’ success and joy. However, sometimes the experience of negative feelings becomes „fixed“ and continues to determine some children’s interaction with people.